Maslen, Andy

Persuasive Copywriting: Using Psychology to Influence, Engage and Sell by Andy Maslen - London Kogan Page Limited 2015 - 226p

Part I: Emotion matters more than reason: tapping into your customer's deepest drives
1. Harnessing the power of emotional copy writing to persuade your prospects
2. Three big ideas you should use before benefits
3. A powerful process for developing customer empathy
4. Flattery will get you everywhere
5. The Ancient Greek secret of emotionally engaging copy
6. Copywriting and connecting on social media
7. Yes! I want your tips on the best way to ask for the order

Part II: The pleasure principle: making your writing more enjoyable and compelling
8. Five pleasure-inducing techniques for copywriters
9. How to engage your imagination and free your creativity
10. Finding your voice (and that of others)
11. The definitive way to judge when grammar matters in copywriting
12. An age-old method of injecting life into your sales pitch


Persuasion - Psychology
Advertising Copy

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