Imagining Culture: Essays in Early Modern History and Literature Ed by Jonathan Hart - New York Routledge 1996 - 262p - Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies .

Imagining Culture: Crossing Boundaries in Early Modern Europe / Jonathan Hart

1. Historty, Fiction and the Human Sciences
I. History and Anthropology, and the History of Anthropology: Considerations on Methodological Practice / Anthony Pagden
II. The Emergence of the Paradoxical Self / Eva Kushner
Sperone Speroni and the Labyrinthine Discourse of Renaissance Dialogue / Olga Zorzi Pugliese
III. Strategies of Promotion: Some Prefatory Matter of Oviedo, Thevet, and Hakluyt / Jonathan Hart

2. Gender and Representation
I. "My Honour I'll Bequeath unto the Knife": Public Heroism, Private Sacrifice, and Early Modern Rapes of Lucrece / Mercedes Maroto Camino

II. Pour une poetique de la nouvelle / Gisele Mathieu-Castellani
Speaking Politically Correct in the Feminine Voice: Examples from the Decameron and the Heptameron / Sylvie L.F. Richards

3. Early Modernity/Modernity/Postmodernity
I. Cervantes et Tirso face aux performatifs: Don Quichotte et Don Juan / Antonio Gomez-Moriana
II. Concerning Ariosto's Modernity: Alcina's Case / Massimo Verdicchio
III. Challenging the Order of the Sun
IV. Showing and Telling: An Essay on narrative Theory and Renaissance Drama


Comparative Literature - History and Criticism

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