Metsamuuronen, Jari

Essentials of Research Methods in Human Sciences: Advanced Analysis Vol. 3 by Jari Metsamuuronen - New Delhi Sage Publication India Pvt. Ltd. 2017 - 686p - Essentials of Research Methods in Human Sciences .

Section I: Basics of Nonparametric Statistics
Brief Glossary for a Beginner Researcher
Introduction to Nonparametric Methods
Tests for One Sample
Tests for Related Samples
Tests for Independent Samples
Nonparametric Measures of Association
Views on Nonparametric Multivariate Methods

Section II: Basics of Experimental Research in Human Sciences
Introduction to Experimental Research
Experimental Designs
Analyzing Experimental Designs

Section III: Basics of Multilevel Modeling
Introduction to Multilevel Modeling
Traditional Linear Regression Analysis
Special Characteristics of Multilevel Modeling
Multilevel Modeling Using HLM
Multilevel Modeling Using MLwiN
Multilevel Modeling Using SPSS
Diagnostic Examination of the Models
General Comparison of the Software Packages

Section IV: Basics of Sem and Path Modeling in Amos Environment
Background and History of SEM
Research Questions and Assumptions in SEM
Briefly on Theory and Concepts
Technical Execution with AMOS

Section V: Basics of Survival Analysis
Introduction to Survival Analysis
Life Tables
Survival Analysis


Quantitative Statistical Research
Research Methods

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