Doing Narrative Research Ed by Molly Andrews, Corinne Squire and Maria Taboukou - London Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd. 2013 - 273p

1 Narratives of events: Labovian narrative analysis: Lobovian narrative analysis and its limitations /​ Wendy Patterson
2 From experience-centred to socioculturally-oriented approaches to narrative /​ Corinne Squire
3 Analysing narrative contexts /​ Ann Phoenix
4 A Foucauldian approach to narratives /​ Maria Tamboukou
5 Practising a rhizomatic perspective in narrative research /​ Gerrit Loots, Kathleen Coppens and Jasmina Sermijn
6 Bodies, embodiment and stories /​ Lar-Christer Hyden
7 Seeing narratives /​ Susan E. Bell
8 Doing research 'on and through' new media narrative /​ Mark Davis
9 Approaches to narrative worldmaking /​ David herman
10 Looking back on narrative research: An exchange /​ Phillida Salmon and Catherine Kohler Riessman
11 Never the last word: Revisiting data /​ Molly Andrews
12 Narrating sensitive topics /​ Margareta Hyden
13 The public life of narratives: Ethics, politics, methods /​ Paul Gready


Narratives Interview
Empirische Sozialforschung

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