Gender, Feminism and Critical Realism: Exchanges, Challenges, Synergies Ed by Lena Gunnarsson, Angela Martinez Dy and Michiel van Ingen - Oxon Routledge 2018 - 122p

1. Theorizing Agency and Domination through a Critical Realist Perspective on Gender Positionality / Dimitri Mader
2. Critical Realist and Postpositivist Realist Feminisms: Towards a Feminist Dialectical Realism / Laura Gillman
3. Comparing Critical Realism and the Situated Knowledges Approach in Research on (In)equity in Health Care: An Exploration of their Implications / Katarina Swahnberg
4. Agency and Ontology within Intersectional Analysis: A Critical Realist Contribution / Sue Clegg
5. Queer Genes: Realism, Sexuality and Science / David Andrew Griffiths
6. Beyond the Nature/Culture Divide? / Michiel van Ingen
7. Review Pursuing Intersectionality, Unsettling Dominant Imaginaries, by Vivian M. May / Angela Martinez Dy
8.Review The Feminine Subject, by Susan Hekman / Alison Assiter.


Feminist theory - Gender identity - Critical realism

305.4201 / GEN

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