Jordens, J. T. F.

Gandhi's Religion: A Homespun Shawl by J. T. F. Jordens - Oxford Oxford University Press 1998 - 310p

Preamble: Infancy and Youth - Carding the Home-grown Wool Pt. I. South Africa. 1. The Making of the Mahatma. 2. Bewildering Doubts and Convincing Answers, 1893-5. 3. The First Definition of Hinduism Pt. II. India: Convictions and Attitudes. 4. A New Definition of Hinduism: 1921. 5. Facing the Gritty Reality of Hinduism. 6. The Persistence of Advaita. 7. Scriptural Authority and 'the Voice Within'. 8. Religious Pluralism Pt. III. India: Religion in Action. 9. The Ashram-dweller. 10. Calling on the Divine Power. 11. The Potency of Perfect Chastity. 12. The Power of Fasting. 13. Never Enough Non-violence. 14. The Passion to Serve Conclusion: A Homespun Shawl Appendix 1. Gandhi's Questions to Raychand Appendix 2. Schedule of Gandhi's Fasts.

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