Space Law RSS feed for public list Space Law An Introduction to Space Law by Diederiks-Verschoor, I. H. Ph. Arbitration in air, space and telecommunications law : Enforcing regulatory measures by Permanent Court of Arbitration Commercial utilization of outer space : law and practice by Traa-Engelman, H L van Dispute settlement in international space law: A multi-door courthouse for outer space by Goh, Geradine Meishan International space law and the United Nations by Jasentuliyana, Nandasiri Law and regulation of commercial mining of minerals in outer space by Lee, Ricky J. Outer Space and Military Supremacy: Jurisdictional Law by Thakur, Kailash Sovereignty and jurisdiction in the airspace and outer space legal criteria for spatial delimitation by Oduntan, Gbenga Space Law by Lyall, Francis Space law : development and scope by Jasentuliyana, Nandasiri Space Law: A Treatise Space Law: In the Era Of Commercialisation by Bhat, Sandeepa B. Space Law: In the Era of Commercialisation by Bhat, Sandeepa B. Studies in International Space Law by Chenge, Bin The Cape Town convention its application to space assets and relation to the law of outer space by Sundahl, Mark J. The Development of Outer Space: Sovereignty and Property Rights in International Space Law by Gangale, Thomas The International space station : commercial utilisation from a European legal perspective by Dunk, F.G.Von Der The Law and policy of air space and outer space : a comparative approach by Haanappel, Peter P C The Utilization of the world's air space and free outer space in the 21st century : proceedings of the International Conference on Air and Space Policy, Law, and Industry for the 21st Century, held in Seoul from 23-25 June 1997 by Cheng, Chia-Jui