National Engineers Day RSS feed for public list National Engineers Day 100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time by Haven, Kendall Everything's Relative: and Other Fables from Science and Technology by Rothman, Tony Home Lab Exciting: Experiments for Building Scientist by Winston, Robert Information Telecommunications: Networks, Products and Services by Heldman, Robert K. Machine in the Ghost: Digitality and ITS Consequences by Boast, Robin Managing from Zero to Blue Chip: Weaving New Managerial Paradigms; 33-Years of PTL and Swaraj Tractor by Mohan, Chandra My Odyssey: Memories of the Man Behind the Mangalayaan Mission by Radhakrishnan, K. National Conference on Traffic Engineering and Road Safety in India Problems and Prospects TRAFFICON 04 by Shreehari, M. N. Science But not as We Know It: Cutting Edge Concepts Made Simple by Gilliland, Ben Science for Engineering by Bird, John Silver Jubilee Commemorative Volume of the Sir M Visvesvaraya Lectures 1957 - 1983 Sir M Visvesvaraya's Words of Wisdom by Basavaraj, B. Super 30 Anand Kumar: Changing the World 30 Student at a Time by Mathew, Biju Technoculture from Alphabet to Cybersex by Green, Lelia The IITians: The Story of a Remarkable Indian Institution and How Its Alumni are Reshaping the World by Deb, Sandipan The Scientific Revolutions by Shapin, Steven