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100 _aGonsalves, Peter
245 _aKhadi: Gandhi's Mega Symbol of Subversion
_cby Peter Gonsalves
260 _aNew Delhi
_bSage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
300 _a290p
500 _apt. A Subverting The Self 1.The Passion to Be an `English Gentleman' (1869-91) 2.In Search of Sartorial Significance (1892-1913) 3.`Unclothing' of the Mahatma (1914-48) pt. B Eco-Political Subversion 4.The Rape of India 5.Gandhi's Eco-political Subversion 6.Controversy pt. C Psycho-Cultural Subversion 7.Inferiorisation of a People 8.Gandhi's Psycho-cultural Subversion 9.Controversy pt. D Socio-Religious Subversion -Untouchability 10.India's Shame 11.Gandhi's Socio-religious Subversion 12.Controversy pt. E Socio-Religious Subversion -Militancy 13.India's Schism 14.Gandhi's Socio-religious Subversion 15.Controversy pt. F The Philosophy Of Gandhian Subversion Through Khadi 16.Foundational Principles of Gandhian Subversion 17.The Metaphysics of Khadi.
600 _aClothing and dress - Symbolic aspects - India
600 _aGandhi Mahatma, 1869-1948 --Clothing
600 _aIndia - Politics and Government --1765-1947
600 _aKhadi
890 _aIndia
891 _aPeople - Customs {QuickPic}
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