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245 _aSilver Jubilee Commemorative Volume of the Sir M Visvesvaraya Lectures 1957 - 1983
260 _aKolkata
_bThe Institute of Engineers
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_eCD TCG02582
500 _aUse of Hydraulic Models in River Training, Flood Control and Other Engineering Works Design and Manufacture of Aircraft in India Planning for Power Steel in India - Economic and Technological possibilities The Engineer and Society Orissa’s Decade of Destiny A Plan for the Integrated Development of the River Basins of Orissa The Demand Patterns of India of Tomorrow Industrialization in India and Public Health Engineering Vision for the Future - The Industrial India of Visvesvaraya’s Bridge Engineering in India Urban Development in India Nuclear Energy and National Prosperity Industrial Engineering in India Science, Technology and Policy Technological Progress in a Developing Country Our Public Enterprises Prosperity through Industry Race between Population and Food Resource Management for National Development Management of Technology in Industrializing Countries Earthquakes and Earthquake Engineering Role of Scientific and Engineering Institutions in Defence Research and Development Space Launchers for India Space and Development Human Resource Development
650 _aGeneral
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