Workplace Well being: How to Build Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Ed by Arla Day, E. Kevin Kelloway and Joseph J. Hurrell, Jr. - Chichester John Wiley & Sons Inc. 2014 - 338p

Part I: Introduction
1. Building a Foundation for Psychologically Healthy Workplaces and Well-Being /​ Arla Day, Krista D. Randell
2. Business Benefits of a Healthy Workforce /​ Cary Cooper, Stephen Bevan
3. Positive Psychology and the Healthy Workplace /​ Stephanie Gilbert, E. Kevin Kelloway

Part II: The Psychologically Healthy Workplace
4. Occupational Health and Safety /​ Peter Y. Chen, Yiqiong Li
5. Introduction to Work-Life Balance /​ Leslie B. Hammer, Caitlin A. Demsky
6. Employee Empowerment and Engagement /​ Marisa Salanova, Susana Llorens
7. Employee Development and Growth /​ Raymond A. Noe, Michael J. Tews
8. Employee Recognition /​ Lois E. Tetrick, Clifford R. Haimann
9. Culture, Communication, and Making Workplaces Healthier /​ David M. DeJoy, Lindsay J. Della

Part III: Building a Psychologically Healthy Workplace
10. Respectful Workplaces /​ Michael P. Leiter, Ashlyn Patterson
11. Leadership and Climate in a Psychologically Healthy Workplace /​ Karina Nielsen
12. Unions and Changes in Working Life: New Challenges, New Opportunities /​ Katharina Naswall, Magnus Sverke
13. Corporate Social Responsibility and Psychologically Healthy Workplaces /​ Jennifer L. Robertson, Julian Barling
14. Creating a Healthy Small Business /​ Sharon Clarke
15. Designing Healthy Workplaces /​ Catherine Loughlin, Danielle Mercer
16. Concluding Comments /​ Joseph J. Hurrell Jr.


Work Environment - Psychological Aspects
Employees - Mental Health
Industrial Psychiatry

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