Lussier, Robert N.

Business Society and Government Essentials: Strategy and Applied Ethics by Robert N. Lussier and Herbert Sherman - New York Routledge 2014 - 542p

Part I: The Interrelationship of Business, Society, and Government
1. The Business, Society, and Government Ethical Interrelationship Stakeholder Environment

Part II: Business
2. Strategic Stakeholder and Ethical Public Affairs, Issues, and Crisis Management
3. Employees, Stockholders, and Corporate Governance
4. Corporate Social Responsibility, Citizenship, and Diversity

Part III: Society
5. Business Ethics
6. Community, Consumerism, and the Media
7. Strategies of Societal and Business Interest Groups

Part IV: Government
8. Lawmaking and Political Strategies
9. Law Enforcing and Regulatory Strategies
10. Law Interpreting, Antitrust, and Judiciary Strategies

Part V: International Business, Society, and Government
11. Competing in the Global Economy
12. Global Technology, the Natural Environment, and Sustainability


Business Ethics
Corporations - Moral and Ethical Aspects
Industrial Policy
Social Responsibility of Business

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