Compiler Design Handbook: Optimization and Machine Code Generation Ed by Y. N. Srikant and Priti Shankar - 2nd ed - USA CRC Press 2016 - I-22p

Worst Case Execution Time and Energy Analysis
Static Program Analysis for Security
Compiler Aided Design of Embedded Computers
Whole Execution Traces and Their Use in Debugging
Optimizations for Memory Heirarchies
Garbage Collection Techniques
Energy Aware Compiler Optimizations
Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques in Compiler Design
Type Systems: Advances and Applications
Dynamic Compilation
Static Single Assignment Form: Construction and Application
Shape Analysis and Applications
Optimization for Object Oriented Languages
Program Slicing
Computations on Iteration Spaces
Architecture Description Languages for Retargetable Compilation
Instruction Selection using Tree Parsing
A Retargetable Very Long Instruction Word Compiler Framework for Digital Signal Processors
Instruction Scheduling
Advances in Software Pipelining
Advances in Register Allocation Techniques


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