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Part I: Fundamental Concepts
1. Functioning of an Economy: Basic Concepts
2. National Income
3. Business and its Environment
4. Natural Resources
5. The Technological Environment
6. Human Resource Development
7. India’s Population and Impact on the Economy
8. Capital Formation, Savings and Investment

Part II: Economic Systems and Policies Relating to Business
9. Economic Systems and Capitalism
10. Socialism
11. Mixed Economy
12. The Role of Public Policies in Governing Business
13. Economic, Monetary and Fiscal Policies
14. Foreign Trade Policy

Part III: The Economics of Development
15. The Economics of Development
16. The Economics of Underdevelopment
17. Stages and Strategies of Economic Growth
18. Role of the State in Economic Development
19. Economic Planning: Meaning, Evolution and Features
20. Industrial and Licensing Policy (1951-1991)
21. New Economic Policy (1991)
22. The Indian Economy

Part IV: Business and Society
23. Business and Society
24. Business, Labour and Government
25. Consumer Protection
26. Investor Protection
27. Environmental Protection
28. Corporate Governance in India
29. Corporate Social Responsibility in India
30. Business Ethics in India

Part V: Economic Legislations
31. The MRTP and Competition Act, 1969
32. FERA and FEMA
33. The Industries (Development and Regulation) Act

Part VI: The Industrial Sector
34. The Private Sector
35. The Public Sector in India
36. Privatization of Public Sector Enterprises
37. The Joint Sector
38. Globalization, MNCs and Foreign Capital in India
39. India and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Part VII: Financial Systems
40. Money: Function and Value
41. Money Market
42. Commercial Bank
43. Functions of Central Bank
44. Financial Institutions
45. The Indian Capital Market
46. Indian Stock Market
47. The Securities and Exchange Board of India

Part VIII: The External Sector
48. India and the WTO
49. The World Bank Group
50. The International Monetary Fund


Business Environment - Enterprises

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