Watson, Jamie Carlin

Critical Thinking: An Introduction To Reasoning Well by Jamie Carlin Watson and Robert Arp - 2nd ed - London Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 2015 - 437p

Part I: The Basics of Good Reasoning
1. The Basic Tools of Reasoning
2. Evaluating Arguments

Part II: Deductive Reasoning
3. Thinking and Reasoning with Categories
4. Basic Propositional Logic
5. Truth Tables
6. Rules of Deductive Inference

Part III: Inductive Reasoning
7. Probability and Inductive Reasoning
8. Generalization, Analogy, and Causation
9. Scientific Experiment and Inference to the best explanation
10. Informal Fallacies

Part IV: Application
11. Putting it all together
12. Reasoning on graduate school entrance exams



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