Corporate Governance in India: Change and Continuity Ed by Asish K. Bhattacharyya - New Delhi Oxford University Press 2016 - 309p

1. Cogitations on Corporate Governance: When it Began, How it Began and Where is it Now
2. Evolution and Challenges in the Companies Act, 2013
3. Current Status of Corporate Governance in India
4. The Comply-or-Explain Approach for Enforcing Governance Norms
5. The One Woman Director Mandate: History and Trajectory
6. Enabling Laws, Greater Liabilities, Higher Enforcements: Moving towards a More Ethical Business World in India?
7. The Legal Structure of Corporate Social Responsibility in India 8. Law, Regulatory Transformations, and Institutional Change: The Case of Corporate Social Responsibility in India
9. Corporate Governance Norms in State-Owned Enterprises: Are We Using Apples to Assess Oranges?
10. The Emerging Role of Independent Directors in the Boardroom
11. Executive Compensation in India: An Empirical Investigation
12. Evolution of Law Pertaining to Related-Party Transactions in India
13. Audit in Corporate Governance
14. Integrity of the Financial Reporting Process: Demystifying the Role of Audit Committees


Corporate Governance
Business Ethics

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