Lussier, Robert N.

Management Fundamentals: Concepts, Applications and Skill Development by Robert N. Lussier - 7th ed - New Delhi Sage Publications Inc. 2017 - 580p

Part I: The Global Management Environment
1. Management and Its History
2. The Environment: Culture, Ethics and Social Responsibility
3. Managing Diversity in a Global Environment

Part II: Planning
4. Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
5. Strategic and Operations Planning
6. Managing Change, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Part III: Organizing
7. Organizing and Delegating Work
8. Managing Team Work
9. Human Resource Management
10. Appendix Career Management and Networking

Part IV: Leading
11. Organizational Behavior: Power, Politics, Conflict and Stress
12. Motivating for High Performance
13. Leading with Influence
14. Communication and Information Technology

Part V: Controlling
15. Managing Control Systems, Finances and People
16. Operations, Quality and Productivity


General Management

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