Metsamuuronen, Jari

Essentials of Research Methods in Human Sciences: Elementary Basics Vol. 1 by Jari Metsamuuronen - New Delhi Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2017 - 526p

1. Basics of Methodology In Human Sciences
2. Basics of test Theory and Test Construction
3. Basics of Qualitative Research
4. Basics of Futures Studies
5. Basics of Statistical Description
6. Basics of Statistical Inference

Volume 2: Multivariate Analysis
7. Basics of SPSS Software
8. Basics of Multivariate Analysis

Volume 3: Advanced Analysis
9. Basics of Nonparametric Statistics
10. Basics of Experimental Research in Human Sciences
11. Basics of Multilevel Modeling
12. Basics of Sem and Path Modeling in Amos Environment
13. Basics of Survival Analysis


Research - Methodology
Mathematical Statistics

001.422 / MET

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