The Oxford Handbook of The Indian Economy

The Oxford Handbook of The Indian Economy Ed by Chetan Ghate - New Delhi Oxford University Press 2012 - 958p

1. Introduction - Chetan Ghate

Part I: India's Historical Development
2. India and the World Economy: 1757-1947 - Tirthankar Roy
3. Battles Half Won: The Political Economy of India's Growth
and Economic Policy Since Independence - Sadiq Ahmed, Ashutosh Varshney

Part II: New Insights into Tackling Rural Poverty
4. Estimating Rural Poverty: Distributional Outcomes, Evaluations, and Policy Responses - M. Suryanarayana
5. Micro-finance: The SHG Linkage Program - Prabal Roy Chowdhury
6. Micro-insurance: A Case Study of the Indian Rainfall Insurance Market - Xavier Gines, James Vickrey, Lev Menand, Robert Townsend
7. Caste and Upward Mobility - Vegard Iversen

Part III: Industrialization
8. Performance of Indian Manufacturing in the Post Reform Period - Poonam Gupta, Utsav Kumar
9. Informal Sector and the Developing World: Relating Theory and Evidence to India - Sugata Marjit, Saibal Kar
10. Structural Transformation and Jobless Growth in the Indian Economy - Rubina Verma
11. Development, Displacement and Food Security: Land Acquisition for Industrialization - Abhirup Sarkar

Part IV: Social Infrastructure and the Demographic Dividend
12. Reforming Primary and Secondary Schooling - Anjini Kochar
13. Higher Education Reform - Shyam Sunder
14. Health and Health Care Policy in India: The Case for Quality of Care - Jishnu Das, Jeffrey Hammer
15. Population Dynamics in India and Implications for Economic Growth - David Bloom

Part V: Politics and Policy
16. The Dynamics and Status of India's Economic Reforms - Nirvikar Singh
17. The Political Economy of Infrastructure Spending in India - Stuti Khemani
18. Aspects of Bureaucratic Corruption - Gautam Bose
19. Distributive Conflict and Economic Policy: Some Thoughts on Political Economy - Pranab Bardhan
20. Economic Growth and Ecological Sustainability in India - Pranab Mukhopadhyay, Priya Shyamsundar

Part VI: Macroeconomic Policy Reform
21. Fiscal Rules in India: Are they Effective? - William Buiter, Urjit Patel
22. Financial Frictions and Monetary Policy Transmission in India - Ken Kletzer
23. Monetary Policy, Capital Flows, and the Exchange Rate - Partha Sen
24. India's Trade and Exchange Rate Policies: Understanding the BOP Crisis and the Reforms Thereafter - Rajat Acharyya
25. Domestic Financial Sector Reform - Subhashis Gangopadhyay, S.K. Shanthi
26. The Convergence Debate and Econometric Approaches: Evidence from India - Samarjit Das

Part VII: India and the World Economy
27. The Globalization Debate and India - Priya Ranjan; Devashish Mitra
28. India at the WTO: From Uruguay to Doha and Beyond - Kamal Saggi
29. An Estimated DSGE Model of the Indian Economy - Paul Levine, Vasco Gabriel, Bo Yang, Joe Pearlman
30. The Development Patterns of India and China: A Perspective with the CES Production Function - Kamhon Kan, Yong Wang
Looking Ahead

Part VIII: Looking Ahead
31. What more do we want to know about the Indian Economy? - Ashok Kotwal


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