Flight of the Unicorns: Lessons from Indias Startup Bubble

Paul, Soum

Flight of the Unicorns: Lessons from Indias Startup Bubble by Soum Paul - Noida HarperCollins Publishers 2017 - 202p

Part I: Rise and Fall of the Indian Startup Ecosystem
1. Early Years: Y2K and After
2. What the Early Years Felt Like
3. redBus and its Success
4. Other Early Pioneers
5. Going Global from India
6. The Aggregators Emerge
7. The Years of Startup Drama: 2015-16
8. Fractures
9. A Call for Protectionism
10. The Silver Lining

Part II: Trends and New Rules of the Game
11. Back to Fundamentals
12. What is a Startup?
13. Revisiting the Startup Stack
14. The Founder and the Team
15. India-first vs Global-first
16. India’s Consumer and Informal Sector
17. Working with Indian SMEs
18. The B2C vs B2B Debate
19. Some Early Questions
20. Discovering Repeatable Transactions
21. Inside-out vs Outside-in Innovation
22. Building Lean
23. Startups and India-specific Problems
24. The India Challenge: Healthcare
25. The India Challenge: Financial Inclusion
26. The India Challenge: Education
27. Keeping up with Future
28. Epilogue


Start Up - Management

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