Flick, Uwe

An Introduction to Qualitative Research by Uwe Flick - 5th ed - London Sage Publications Ltd 2014 - 587p

Part I: Framework

1. Guide to this Book
2. Qualitative Research: Why and How to Do It
3. Qualitative and Quantitative Research
4. Approaches to Qualitative Research
5. Ethics of Qualitative Research

Part II: Theory in Qualitative Research

6. Using the Existing Literature
7. Theories Underlying Qualitative Research
8. Texts as Data in Qualitative Research

Part III: Research Design

9. Designing Qualitative Research
10. The Qualitative Research Process
11. Research Questions
12. Entering the Field
13. Sampling
14. Triangulation

Part IV: Verbal Data

15. Collecting Verbal Data
16. Interviews
17. Focus Groups
18. Using Narrative Data

Part V: Data beyond Talk

19. Collecting Data Beyond Talk
20. Observation and Ethnography
21. Visual Data: Photography, Film & Video
22. Using Documents as Data

Part VI: Qualitative Data Analysis

23. Qualitative Data Analysis
24. Transcription and Data Management
25. Grounded Theory Coding
26. Thematic Coding and Content Analysis
27. Naturally Occuring Data: Conversation, Discourse, and Hermeneutic Analysis
28. Using Software in Qualitative Data Analysis

Part VIII: Grounding, Writing and Outlook

29. Quality of Qualitative Research: Criteria and Beyond
30. Writing Qualitative Research
31. State of the Art and the Future


Qualitative Research

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