Acharya, Balkrishna

Ayurved: Its Principles and Philosophies by Acharya Balkrishna - Haridwar Divya Prakashan 2007 - 170p

Chapter 1 Introduction What is Ayurveda Unique features of Ayurvedic treatment Universal Status of Ayurveda Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Ayurveda The five elements and Ayurveda The Principle of the three doshas Doshas and the five Elements Doshas and Their Location Doshas and Seasons Doshas and Agni Doshas and Koshth Vayu Dosha Vayu Effects Symptoms of Aggravated Vayu Reasons for Aggravation Treatment of Aggravation Vayu Saam and Niraam Vayu Types of Vayu and Their functions Pitta Symptoms of Aggravated Pitta Attributes of Pitta and Their Effects of Physiology Symptoms of Aggravated Pitta Causes Remedies for Vitiated Pitta Symptoms of Low pitta and Its Remedies Saam and Niraam pitta Types of Pitta Kapha or Sleshma Attributes of Kapha Effects Symptoms of Vitiated Kapha Reasons for Kapha Vitiation Remedies for Aggravated Kapha Symptoms of Low Kapha and Its Treatment Saam and Niraam Kapha Types of Kapha Prakriti Know your Constitution Characteristics of the Prakritis Seven Dhatus Seven Tissue Elements of Body 1. Rasa Dhatu 2. Radt Dhatu 3. Mamsa Dhatu 4. Med Dhatu 5. Asthi Dhatu 6. Majja Dhatu 7. Shukraa Dhatu Ojas Vital Essence 1. Functions of Oja and its importance 2. Symptoms of decrease 3. Causes of decrease 4. Treatment Up-Dhatus Breast Milk Menstrual Fluid Waste Products Stool, Urine and other Waste Products Function of Stool XI Digestion and metabolism Aam Ras Symptoms of Saam Diseases XII Srota XIII Soul Characteristics of Atma XIV Mind Location Size and Number Functions Characteristics and strengths Mana and Ayurved Chapter 3 Introduction( Drugs) i Ras Ras and the Five Elements Ras and Doshas Ras and Dhatu Ras and Mala Two Classes of Rasa Identifying Ras and Their Qualities Sweet Taste Sour Taste Salty Taste Bitter Taste Pungent Taste Astringent Taste ii Attributes iii Potency iv Vipak v Prabhav [Specific Action] vi Types of Medicine/Substances According to Effects

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