Vibrartion and Shock Handbook Part-2 Ed by Clarence W. de Silva - USA CRC Press 2016 - I.62p - Mechanical Engineering Series .

Part - 1: Fundamentals and Analysis
Time Domain Analysis
Frequency Domain Analysis
Modal Analysis
Distributed Parameter Systems
Random Vibration
Part - 2: Computer Techniques
Numerical Techniques
Vibration Modeling and Software Tools
Computer Analysis of Flexibly Supported Multibody Systems
Finite Element Applications in Dynamics
Vibration Signal Analysis
Wavelets Concepts and Applications
Part - 3: Shock and Vibration
Mechanical Shock
Vibration and Shock Problems of Civil Engineering Structures
Reinforced Concrete Structures
Part - 4: Instrumentation and Testing
Vibration Instrumentation
Virtual Instrumentation
Signal Conditioning and Modification
Vibration Testing
Experimental Modal Analysis
Part - 5: Vibration Suppression and Control
Vibration Damping
Damping Theory
Experimental Techniques in Damping
Structure and Equipment Isolation
Vibration Control
Helicopter Rotor Tuning
Part - 6: Monitoring and Diagnosis
Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnostics
Vibration Based Tool Conditioning Monitoring Systems
Fault Diagnosis of Helicopter Gearboxes
Vibration Suppression and Monitoring in Precision Motion Systems
Part - 7: Seismic Vibration
Seismic Base Isolation and Vibration Control
Seismic Random Vibration of Long-Span Structures
Seismic Qualification of Equipment
Part - 8: Design and Applications
Vibration Design and Control
Structural Dynamic Modification and Sensitivity Analysis

Vibration in Rotating Machinery
Regenerative Chatter in Machine Tools
Fluid Induced Vibration
Part - 9: Acoustics
Sound Levels and Decibels
Hearing and Psychological Effects
Noise Control Criteria and Regulations
Source of Noise
Design of Absorption
Design of Reactive Mufflers
Design of Sound Insulation
Statistical Energy Analysis


Mechanical Engineering

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