Streeck, Wolfgang

How Will Capitalism End?: Essays in Failing System by Wolfgang Streeck - New Delhi Juggernaut Books 2017 - 262p

1. How Will Capitalism End?
2. The Crises of Democratic Capitalism
3. Citizens as Customers: Considerations on the New Politics of Consumption
4. The Rise of the European Consolidation State
5. Markets and Peoples: Democratic Capitalism and European Integration
6. Heller, Schmitt and the Euro
7. Why the Euro Divides Europe
8. Comment on Wolfgang Merkel, Ts Capitalism Compatible with Democracy?'
9. How to Study Contemporary Capitalism?
10. On Fred Block, `Varieties of What? Should We Still Be Using the Concept of Capitalism?'
11. The Public Mission of Sociology.


Political Ideologies - Democracy - bisacsh.

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