Ball, Johnny

Wonders Beyond Numbers: A Brief History of All Things Mathematical by Johnny Ball - London Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 2017 - 480p - Bloomsbury sigma series 28 .

1. Mathematics means everything to me...
2. Wow Factor Mathematical Index explained
3. Introduction: Russian sums in an English pub, circa 1946
4. The most ancient mathematics legend
5. The first two great mathematicians
6. The great age of Grecian geeks
7. Archimedes: the greatest Greek of them all
8. The glory that was Alexandria
9. Total eclipse of the Greeks
10. Maths origins, far and wide
11. Mathematics was never a religion
12. Discovering the unknown world
13. The huge awakening and new age of learning
14. The new age of mathematical discovery
15. How to calculate anything and everything
16. A mathematician with gravitas
17. The simple mathematics that underpins science
18. The many tentacles of mathematics
19. Wow Factor Mathematical Index.


Mathematics - History - Popular works

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