Controlled and Novel Drug Delivery Ed by N. K. Jain - 1st ed - Delhi C. B. S. Publishers & Distributors 1997 - 406p

Biopharmaceutical & Pharmacokinetic Considerations Biodegradable Polymers Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery Ocular Drug Delivery Transdermal Drug Delivery Targeted Devices for Periodontal Diseases Controlled Delivery of Vaccines Novel Approach to male Contraception Lymphatics: Drug Targeting & Transportation Iontophoretic drug Delivery Sonophoresis: Biophysical Basis of Transdermal Durg Delivery Biodegradable Polymeric Miscrospheres as drug Carriers Reseled Erythocytes as Drug Carriers Niosomes as Durg Carriers Liposomes as Drug Carriers Mucoadhesive drug Delivery supramolecular Durg delivery

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Drug Delivery
Novel Drug

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