Junginger, Sabine

Designing Business and Management by Sabine Junginger - London Bloomsbury Publishing Inc. 2016 - 232p

Part I: Design Shifts
1. Design on New Ground: The Turn to Action
2. Designing Business Matters means Designing Business Models
3. Thoughts on Design as a Strategic Art for Organizations
Part II: Organizational developments
4. Struggle in Designing and in Managemen
5. Three Thousand Years of Designing Business & Organizations
6. Redesigning Organization Design
Part III: Design thinking approaches
7. Bridging Design and Business Thinking
8. Design Thinking as an Indication of a Paradigm Shift
9. Design Thinking in Teaching Innovation
10. Emerging Production Models: A Design Business Perspective
11. Handmade by Love-Crochet Work and Social Business Design,
Part IV: Educational Challenges
12. A Studio at a Business School? Stefan Meisiek
13. Designing Education for Business by Teal Triggs
14. Collaboration requires Design Thinking
15. Translational Design – The Evolution of Design Management for the 21st Century
16. Weaving together creative problem solving and design thinking in an MBA class


Business - Management

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