Sharma, K. L.

Caste, Social Inequality and Mobility in Rural India: Reconceptualizing the Indian Village by K. L. Sharma - New Delhi Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2019 - 378p

1. Social contours of indian village
2. Introducing the indian village
3. Reinterpreting caste
4. Caste, inequality and social mobility
5. Individual and family
6. Glimpses of village economy
7. Peasants: a declining backbone of rural economy
8. Artisans: proto-industrial workers
9. Weavers: under the dominance of master-weavers
10. Rural power structure
11. Reflections on Indian polity vis-:-vis Indian village
12. Dynamics of elections and its reflections on rural India
13. Panchayati Raj institutions and empowerment
14. Emerging patterns of stratification and change
15. Formation of middle class in rural India
16. Education and social stratification in village India
17. Understanding rural development in India
18. Theoretical and empirical concerns in village studies
19. Subaltern studies in the wake of globalization
20. Revisiting the six villages in Rajasthan after half a century
21. Conclusion: emerging matrix of social status and change


Social mobility - Caste - Equlity

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