Organizational Culture Vol. - 2 Ed by Mats Alvesson - London Sage Publications Ltd. 2016 - 352p - Sage library in business and management .

1. Prompting the Transformation of Public Organizations
Paul Nutt
2. A Response to ‘Prompting the Transformation of Public Organizations’
Hal Rainey and Sergio Fernandez
3. Organizational De-Development
Paul Nutt
4. Kurt Lewin and Complexity Theories: Back to the Future?
Bernard Burnes
5. Complexity Theories and Organizational Change
Bernard Burnes
6. What Does It Take to Implement Change Successfully? A Study of the Behaviors of Successful Change Leaders
Malcolm Higgs and Deborah Rowland
7. Successful Change Leaders: What Makes Them? What Do They Do that Is Different?
David Miller
8. Bringing Humility to Leadership: Antecedents and Consequences of Leader Humility
J. Andrew Morris, Céleste Brotheridge and John Urbanski
9. Transforming Organisations for Organic Growth: The DNA of Change Leadership
Tom Karp
10. Building a Climate for Innovation through Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture
James Sarros, Brian Cooper and Joseph Santora
11. Culture and Organization Theory
Calvin Morrill
12. Getting to the Roots of Change: Performance Management and Organizational Culture
M. Bryna Sanger
13. Organizational Change: A Critical Challenge for Team Effectiveness
Elisabeth Goodman and Lucy Loh
14. Linking Change Drivers and the Organizational Change Process: A Review and Synthesis
Karen Whelan-Berry and Karen Somerville
15. No Going Back: A Review of the Literature on Sustaining Organizational Change
David Buchanan et al.
16. Building a Change Capability at Capital One Financial
Christopher Worley and Edward Lawler


Corporate Culture

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