Small Business and Entrepreneurship Vol. 2 Ed by Robert A. Blackburn and Candida G. Brush - New Delhi Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2013 - 447p - SAGE library in business and management .

C: Populations of Entrepreneurs (Continued)
6. Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Businesses
25. Minority Business Access to Mainstream Markets
26. The Absence of African-American Owned Business: An Analysis of the Dynamics of Self-Employment
27. Apprentice Entrepreneurs? Ethnic Minority Workers in the Independent Restaurant Sector
28. Outsiders' Business: A Critical Review of Research on Immigrant Entrepreneurship
7. Family Business
29. The Pervasive Effects of Family on Entrepreneurship: Toward a Family Embeddedness Perspective
30. Trends and Directions in the Development of a Strategic Management Theory of the Family Firm
31. Help One Another, Use One Another: Toward an Anthropology of Family Business
8. International Comparisons
32. The Normative Context for Women's Participation in Entrepreneurshi: A Multi-Country Study
33. The Sociocultural Environment for Entrepreneurship : A Comparison Between East Asian and Anglo-Saxon Countries
34. Entrepreneurship and its Determinants in a Cross-Country
35. Cross-National Comparisons of the Variation in New Firm Formation Rates
D: Forms of Entrepreneurship
9. Social Enterprise
36. Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship: Same, Different or Both?
37. Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship :Towards a Convergent Theory of the Entrepreneurial Process
38. Social Entrepreneurship Research :A Source of Explanation, Prediction, and Delight
10. Franchising
39. Why Do Firms Use Franchising as an Entrepreneurial Strategy? A Meta-Analysis
40. Multi-Unit Franchising :Growth and Management Issues
41. Colas, Burgers, Shakers and Shirkers: towards a Sociological model of franchising in the market economy
11. Self-Employment
42. Self-Employment Entry Across Industry Groups
43. Does Entrepreneurship Pay? An Empirical Analysis of the Returns to Self-Employment
44. Self-Employment Career Dynamics : The Case of `Unemployment Push' in UK Book Publishing
45. Self-Employment : More May Not be Better


Small business - Entrepreneurship

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