Greenbaum, Stuart

Contemporary Financial Intermediation by Stuart Greenbaum, Anjan V. Thakor and Arnoud W. A. Boot - New Delhi Academic Press 2019 - 490p

Part I: The Background
1. Basic Concepts
Part II: What is financial Intermediation?
2. The Nature and Variety of Financial Intermediation
3. The What, How, and Why of Financial Intermediaries
Part III: Identification and management of major banking risks
4. Bank Risks
5. Interest Rate Risk
6. Liquidity Risk
Part IV: On balance sheet banking activities
7. Spot Lending and Credit Risk
8. Further Issues in Bank Lending
9. Special Topics in Credit: Syndicated Loans, Loan Sales, and Project finance
Part V: Off the Banks Balance sheet
10. Off-Balance Sheet Banking and Contingent Claims Products
11. Securitization
Part VI: The Funding of the bank
12. The Deposit Contract, Deposit Insurance, and Shadow Banking
13. Bank Capital Structure
Part VII: Financial Crises
14. The 2007–2009 Financial Crisis and Other Financial Crises
Part VIII: Bank Regulation
15. Objectives of Bank Regulation
16. Milestones in Banking Legislation and Regulatory Reform
Part IX: Financial Innovation
17. The Evolution of Banks and Markets and the Role of Financial
Part X: The Future


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