Handbook of Human Immunology Ed by Mary S. Leffell, Albert D. Donnenberg and Noel R. Rose - New York CRC Press 1997 - 640p

Overview of the Immune System: The Molecular Bais of Immune Response Overview of the Immune System: Immunological Mechanisms in Immune Deficiency & Autommunity Human Immunolobulins Immunologic Diagnosis of Autoimmunity Infectious Disease Serology Molecular Techniques Applied to Infections Diseases Cytokines in Human Immunology Complement Evaluation of Phagocytic Cell Disorders Cellular Immunology: Monitoring of Immune Therapies Clincal Applications of Flow Cytometry relevance of Antibody Screeing & Crossmatching DNA-Based Typing of HLA for Trnasplantation Methods for the Analyiss of the Human T-Cell Receptor(TCR) Repertoire in Health & Disease

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Human Immunology

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