Flick, Uwe

An Introduction to Qualitative Research by Uwe Flick - 4th ed - New Delhi Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2009 - 504p

Framework Guide to This Book Qualitative Research: Why and How to Do It Qualitative and Quantitative Research Ethics of Qualitative Research From Theory to Text Making Use of the Literature in Qualitative Research Theoretical Positions Underlying Qualitative Research Epistemological Background: Construction and Understanding of Texts Research Design The Qualitative Research Process Research Questions Entering the Field Sampling How to Design Qualitative Research: An Overview Verbal Data Interviews Narratives Focus Groups Verbal Data: An Overview Observation and Mediated Data Observation and Ethnography Visual Data: Photography, Film, and Video Using Documents as Data Qualitative Online Research: Using the Internet Observation and Mediated Data: An Overview From Text to Theory Documentation of Data Coding and Categorizing Analyzing Conversation, Discourse, and Genres Narrative and Hermeneutic Analysis Using Computers in Qualitative Analysis Text Interpretation: An Overview Grounding and Writing Qualitative Research Quality Criteria in Qualitative Research The Quality of Qualitative Research: Beyond Criteria Writing Qualitative Research Qualitative Research: Integration and Outlook Qualitative Research at Work I: Grounded Theory Qualitative Research at Work II:Triangulation Qualitative Research: State of the Art and the Future

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Qualitative Research

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