Nasar, Syed A.

3000 Solved Problems in Electric Circuits by Syed A. Nasar - New Delhi Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd. 2004 - 760p

Units and Basic concepts Resistance and OHM's Law Series and Parallel Resistive Circuits Kirchoff's Laws Network Theorems Capacitors Inductors AC Sources, Waveforms and Circuit Relationships Complex Numbers and Phasors AC Circuits under Steady State Magnetically Coupled Circuits Resonance Frequency Response and Filters Three Phase Circuits Transients in DC Circuits Step, Ramp and Impulse Functions Duals and Analogs Transients in AC Circuits Circuits with Multifrequency Inputs Circuits with Nonsinusoidal Sources Laplace Transform Method State Variables Method Two Port Networks Review Problems

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Electrical Engineering

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