Patel, M. N.

Engineering Mechanics by M. N. Patel, C. S. Sanghvi and J. S. Thakur - Ahmedabad Mahajan Publishing House 2006 - 24.27p

Part - A: Statics Fundamentals of Mechanics Coplanar Concurrent Forces Coplanar Non Concurrent Forces Beams Forces in Space Analysis of Trusses Friction Simple Lifting Machimnes Centre of Gravity Moment of Inertia Part - B: Dynamics (Kinematics) Linear Motion of Particles Relative Motion Curvilinear Motion of Particles Rotational Motion of Rigid Bodies General Plane Motion Dependent Motion Part - C: Dynamics (Kinetics) Linear Motion (Application of Newton's Laws of Motion) Circular Motion of Particles Work Power Energy Impulse Momentum Collision of Elastic Bodies Mass Moment of Inertia Kinetics of Rigid Bodies Vibration Index

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Electrical Engineering

620.1 / PAT

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