Characterization of Polymers

Tong, Ho-Ming

Characterization of Polymers Ed by Ho-Ming Tong, Steven P. Kowalczyk, Ravi Saraf, Ned J. Chou, C. Richard Brundle and Charles A. Evans - New York Momentum Press 2010 - 319p - Materials Characterization Series .

Polymer Structures and Synthesis Methods Polymer Fabrication Techniques Chemical Composition of Polymers Characterization of the Morphology of Polymer Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films by Microscopy Techniques Structure and Morphology of Interfaces and Thin Films by Scattering Teechniques Surface Thermodynamics Surface Modification of Polymers Adhesion Chemistry, Reactivity and Fracture of Polymer Interfaces The Polymer Polymer Interface Friction and Wear(Tribology) References for Future Study Index

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Chemical Engineering

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