Bird, John

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology by John Bird - 2nd ed - Oxford Newnes 2002 - 926p

Part - 1: Basic Electrical Engineering Principles Units Associated with Basic Electrical Quantities An Introduction to Electric Circuits Resistance Variation Chemical Effects of Electricity Series and Parallel Networks Capacitors and Capacitance Magnetic Circuits Electromagnetism Electromagnetic Induction Electrical Measuring Instruments and Measurements Semiconductor Diodes Transistors Part - 2: Electrical Principles and Technology D. C. Circuit Theory Alternating Voltages and Currents Single Phase Series A. C. Circuits Single Phase Parallel A. C. Circuits D. C. Transients Operational Amplifiers Three Phase Systems Transformers D. C. Machines Three Phase Induction Motors Revision of Complex Numbers Application of Complex Numbers to Series A. C. Circuits Application of Complex Numbers to Parallel A. C. Networks Power in A. C. Circuits A. C. Bridges Series Resonance and Q Factor Parallel Resonance and Q Factor Introduction to Network Analysis Mesh Current and Nodal Analysis The Superposition Theorem Thevenin's and Norton's Theorems Delta Star and Star Delta Transformations Maximum Power Transfer Theorems and Impedance Matching Complex Waveforms A Numerical Method of Harmonic Analysis Magnetic Materials Dielectrics and Dielectric Loss Field Theory Attenuators Filter Networks Magnetically Coupled Circuits Transmission Lines

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Electrical Engineering

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