Kisacanin, Branislav

Embedded Computer Vision Ed by Branislav Kisacanin, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya and Sek Chai - New York Springer Science+Business Media, Inc 2010 - 282p - Advanced in Pattern Recognition .

Part - 1: Introduction Hardware Considerations for Embedded Vision Systems DesignMethodology for Embedded Computer Vision Systems We Can Watch It For You Wholesale Part - 2: Advances in Embedded Computer Vision Using Robust Local Features on DSP based Embedded Systems Benchmarks of Low Level Vision algorithms for DSP, FPGA and Mobile PC Processors SAD based Stereo Matching Using FPGAs Motion History Histograms for Human Action Recognition Embedded Real Time Surveillance Using Multimodal Mean Background Modeling Implementation Considerations for Automotive Vision Systems on a Fixed Point DSP Towards OpenVL: Improving Real Time Performance of Computer Vision Applications Part - 3: Looking Ahead Mobile Challenges for Embedded Computer Vision Challenges in Video Analytics Challenges of Embedded Computer vision in Automotive Safety Systems

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