High Performance Embedded Computing Handbook: A System Perspective

Martinez, David R.

High Performance Embedded Computing Handbook: A System Perspective Ed by David R. Martinez, Robert A. Bond and M. Michael Vai - India CRC Press 2008 - 567p - CRC Reference Collection .

Part - 1: Introduction A Retrospective on High Performance Embedded Computing Representative Example of a High Performance Embedded Computing System System Architecture of a Multiprocessor System High Performance Embedded Computers: Development Process and Management Perspectives Part - 2: Computational Nature of High Performance Embedded Systems Computational Characteristics of High Performance Embedded Algorithms and Applications Radar Signal Processing: An Example of High Performance Embedded Computing Part - 3: Front End Real Time Processor Technologies Analog to Digital Conversion Implementation Approaches of Front-End Processors Application Specific Integrated Circuits Field Programmable Gate Arrays Intellectual Property Based Design Systolic Array Processors Part - 4: Programmable High Performance Embedded Computing Systems Computing Devices Interconnection Fabrics Performance Metrics and Software Architecture Programming Languages Portable Software Technology Parallel and Distributed Processing Automatic Code Parallelization and Optimization Part - 5: High Performance Embedded Computing Application Examples Radar Applications A Sonar Application Communications Applications Development of a Real Time Electro-Optical Reconnaissance System Part - 6: Future Trends Application and HPEC System Trends A Review on Probabilistic CMOS (PCMOS) Technology: From Device Characteristics to Ultra Low Energy SOC Architectures Advanced Microprocessor Architectures Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations Index

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