Harris, Cyril M.

Shock and Vibration Handbook Ed by Cyril M. Harris - 4th ed - New York McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1996 - 44.67p

Introduction Basic Vibration Theory Vibration of a Resilient Supported Body Nonlinear Vibration Self-excited Vibration Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and Auxiliary Mass Dampers Vibration of systems having Distributed Mass and Elasticity Transient Response to Step and Pulse Functions Effect of Impact on Structures Mechanical Impedance Statistical Methods for Analyzing Vibrating System Vibration Transducers Vibration Measurement Instrumentation Spectrum Analyzers and their use Vibration Measurement Techniques Condition Monitoring of Machinery Strain-Gage Instrumentation Calibration of Transducers Vibration Standards Test Criteria and Specifications Modal Analysis and Testing Concepts in Vibration Data Analysis Concepts in Shock Data Analysis Seismically-induced Vibration of Structures Vibration Testing Machines Conventional Shock Testing machines Pyrotechnic Shock Testing machines Application of Digital Computers Matrix Methods of Analysis Finite Element Methods Vibration of Structures Induced by Fluid Flow Vibration of Structures Induced by Wind Theory of Vibration Isolation Theory of Shock Isolation Vibration Isolators Selection and Applications of Vibration Isolators Engineering Properties of rubber Engineering Properties of Metal Used in Equipment Design Material Damping and Slip Damping Applied Damping Treatments Torsional Vibration in Reciprocating and Rotating Machines Balancing of Rotating machinery Vibration Induced by Shaft Misalignment Machine-Tool Vibration Package Engineering Theory of Equipment Design Practice of Equipment Design Effects of Shock and Vibration on Humans

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Mechanical Engineering

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