Thomson, William T.

Theory of Vibration with Applications by William T. Thomson and Marie Dillon Dahleh - 5th ed - New Jersey Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1998 - 524p

Preface The SI System of Units Oscillatory Motion Free Vibration Harmonically Excited Vibration Transient Vibration Systems with Two or More Degrees of Freedom Properties of Vibrating Systems Lagrange's Equation Computational Methods Vibration of Continuous Systems Introduction to the Finite Element Method Mode Summation Procedures for Continuous Systems Classical Methods Random Vibrations Nonlinear Vibrations Appendix - A: Specifications of Vibration Bounds Appendix - B: Introduction to Laplace Transformation Appendix - C: Determinants and Matrices Appendix - D: Normal Modes of Uniform Beams Appendix - E: Introduction to MATLAB Appendix - F: Computer Programs Appendix - G: Convergence to Higher Modes Answers to Selected Problems Index

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