Tedlow, Richard S.

Andy Grove: The Life and Times of an American, Intel, Leadership and Life by Richard S. Tedlow - New Delhi Penguin Books India (P) Ltd. 2006 - 568p

FOUNDERS In the Beginning: Four Invasions and a Cultural Revolution Defeat into Victory: The DNA of Self-Expression `Lighte Englisshe': Medieval Mass Communications Eating Paper, Drinking Ink: Shakespeare &? Co. PIONEERS `A Whole Country of English': Re-inventing Freedom and Originality `Common Hopes and Common Dreams': Lighting Out for the Territory `The Audacity of Hope': From Slavery to Redemption POPULARISERS Rule, Britannial: How England Became Britrish East, in a Western Voice: The People's Empire `At the Top of the World': The Imperial Swan Song MODERNISERS `A Willingness of the Heart': The American Century `The Unity of the English-Speaking Peoples': The American Century `The World At Your Fingertips': From Google to Globish, 1989-2009 GLOBALISERS One World, One Dream: `Conquer English to Make China Strong' `Virtually Running America': India, the Far East and Beyond.

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