Charan, Ram

Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge, When to Partner and When to Stay Out of the Way by Ram Charan, Dennis Carey and Michael Useem - Boston Harvard Business Review Press 2014 - 300p

1.From Ceremonial to Monitor to Leader pt. 1 Boards That Work 2.First Things First: Define the Central Idea 3.Recruit Directors Who Build Value 4.Root Out Dysfunction 5.Wanted: A Leader of the Board pt. 2 Leading the Leaders 6.CEO Succession: The Ultimate Decision 7.A Question of Fit 8.Spotting, Catching, or Exiting a Falling CEO pt. 3 Value Creation 9.Turning Risk into Opportunity 10.Staying Out of the Way 11.The Leadership Difference 12.A Revised Definition of Corporate Governance The Complete Director's Checklists.

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Business and Economics - Organizational Behavior
Corporate Governance
Boards of Directors
Business and Economics - Leadership
Business and Economics - Strategic Planning

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