Mital, Anil

Industrial Resource Utilization and Productivity: Understanding the Linkages Ed by Anil Mital and Arun Pennathur - New York Momentum Press 2010 - 262p

Energy Sustainability and the Challenge of Going Green Materials Enhancing Resource Utilization Through the Development of a Disassembly Algorithm Enhancing Durability of Concrete Bridge Decks by Using Industrial By-Products as Mineral Admixtures Equipment and Maintenance Resource Utilization Enhancement and Optimization Through Designing Equipment for Ease of Maintenance An Optimization Approach to Maximize Service Quality Subject to a Given Resource Level for Highway Infrastructure Maintenance Humans Humans and Technologies in Symbiotic Relationships: A Joint Optimization Framework for Enhancing Effectiveness Work System Design Using ISO Standard and Ecological Approaches to Enhancing Effectiveness of Human Resources Management Allocation of Nursing Workforce in Hospital Wards With Mixed Patient Needs Techniques Selection of the Best Model Fitted by Linear Regression With a Multiattribute Focus Using Spline for Demand Forecasting Maintenance Data Management: Acquiring and Creating Knowledge for Maintenance Activities Shelf Management in Apparel Industry Productivity Improvements in Resource-Constrained Environments: A Systematic Framework Implementation of Lean Sigma Methodology for Minimizing Waste of Natural Resources

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Industrial Management
Industrial engineering
Labor productivity
Production Management

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