NICOM 2012 Global Recession to Global Recovery: Macro and Micro Dynamics of Trade, Finance and Investment

NICOM 2012 Global Recession to Global Recovery: Macro and Micro Dynamics of Trade, Finance and Investment Ed by Pawan K. Chugan and Sameer S. Pingle - New Delhi Excel Books 2012 - 461p

Section I: Finance and Banking
1. Analytical Study on Indian Health Insurance Sector and its Sustainability / Bhargav Pandya, Ruturaj Doshi and Siraj Bloch
2. The Intra Day Volatility Discovery Process using Extreme-Value Estimators and Financial Models / Kirti Arekar, Rinku Jain and Kesav
3. Efficient Market Hypothesis and Impact of Public Information Stock Market: A Review of Literature / Kinjal Jethwani and Sarla Achuthan
4. Examining Investors Rationality & the Psychological Dilemma: A Behavioral Perspective / Tanmoy De and Y. Aravind
5. Popularity of Plastic Money: A Study of Surat City / Janki Mistry
6. A Study on Performance of self Help Groups with Respective to Visakhapatnam / P. Himajagathi and B. Bhavani
7. Merger and Acquisition Announcement Effect on Shareholder Wealth: A Case Study of Dabur India Ltd and Fem Care Pharma Ltd / Hamendra Kumar Porwal and Rabi Narayan Kar
8. Performance Evaluation of Nationalized Banks using Input Oriented Data Envelopment Analysis / Sumita Jesudasan, Prakash Pinto and S. Joseph Xavier
9. Impact of Mergers & Acquisition on Shareholder’s Wealth & Shock Risk / Hemali G. Broker and Dhara B. Jha
10. Stock Market Reaction to Corporate Capital Expenditure Announcement: An Evidence from BSE Listed Companies / Vidya Sekhri, Timira Shukla and Anita Singh
11. Filter Rule and Expected Returns during Recession Followed by Recovery: Empirical Evidence for Nifty 50 from Indian Market / Abhishek Parikh
12. Financial Market Failure or Triumphs of the Speculative Market? / Deepak Danak and Abhishek Sachan
13. Merger Announcement and Abnormal Returns: A Study of Recent Mergers in India / Prakash Pinto, Smita Jesudasan and Ibrahim Khaleel
14. Financial Inclusion in India: An Initiative for Growth / Ruchira Agrawal
15. Behavioral Issues Effecting Individual Investment Decisions / Vishal Vyas, Komal Jain and Tripti Singh
16. A Comparative Investigation of Impact of Dividend announcement in Recessions and Recovery on Stock Prices using Event Study Approach / Parag Rijwani and Savir Bansal
17. Financial Performance of Textile and Apparel Segment of the Indian Retail Sector: An Application of ‘Z’-Score Analysis / Rachana Tejani

Section II: Economics
18. Risk Return in Indian Stocks: A Comparative Study of Key Perceptions / C. Vasanta Valli and K. Eresi
19. Empirical Analysis of Tracking Error of Gold Exchange Traded Funds in India / Khushbu Agrawal
20. Fiscal Stimulus Packages: Recovery from the Global Crisis / Dhiren Jotwani, Shivangi Singh and Kshamanidhi Adabar
21. Study on Gold’s Inflation Battle in Indian Economy / Gulnar Sharma and Shalini Kakkar
22. Impact of Global Economic Crisis on the Indian Economic System / Radha Raghuramapatruni
23. The European Long-Term Crisis-Transforming the Economy and Marketing: The Hungarian Case / Jozsa Laszlo
24. Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Asian Market Endogeneity / Dhananjay Sahu and Basant Kumar Singh
25. Growth Performance of World Economy during Recent Global Recession: What do the ECONOMIST Data Tell Us? / Kshamanidhi Adabar
26. Subsidies in India: Evolution & Relationship with Macroeconomic Indicators / Abhinav Ved and Yogesh Doshit
27. An Empirical Study of Macroeconomic FDI Determinants of India and China-Opportunities and Strategies for India / Usha Kamilla and Siba Prasad Mohapatra
28. Preliminary Estimation of Welfare Loss from Cross Subsidy in Electricity Sector in India / Yogesh Doshit and Abhinav Ved

Section III: Global Trade, WTO and Corporate Governance
29. Migrant Worker and Mode 4 / Surabhi Singh
30. Trade in Service under GATS: A Case of India’s Higher Education / Shrawan Kumar Singh
31. Indian Outbound Tourists’ Perceptions of Select ASEAN Destinations / Supriya Bhutiani
32. Indian Agriculture and WTO: Developing Strategies for Sustainable Growth and Global Competitiveness / Rajendra M. Inamdar and Subhash Yadav
33. Evalution of Corporate Green Initiatives towards Sustainability: an Empirical Study of Selected Industries in India / K. M. Agrawal and Sarbani Mitra
34. Corporate Governance and risk & Return Analysis with Reference to Banking Industry in India / Sonu V. Gupta, Prakash Chawla and Sandhya Harkawat


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