Sheth, Pravin

Political Development in Gujarat by Pravin Sheth - Ahmedabad Karnavati Publications 1998 - 193p

Section - I

1. Continuty and Change
2. From Dominence to Try Polarisation
3. Regional Parties of Gujarat
4. BJP Take off to Crash Landing
5. Caste, Class and Political Development: An Overview
6. A Rural Nav Nirman or Reversal to Caste Conflict
7. Causal Context of Social Tensions in Gujarat
8. Ahmedabad: A Perspective of Change
9. Surat Riots: Degeneration of a City
10. Gandhi to Solanki
11. Chimanbhai Patel will to Live and Die in Power
12. Vaghela From Roller Coasting to Ice-Skating
13. Radhanpur: A Turning Point
14. Movements and Political Culture
15. Political Development and Political Culture
16. Gujarat: Modern Economy, Medivel Mindset

Section – II

17. Panchayati Raj, Development, Decay, Regeneration
18. Panchayati Raj and Weaker Sections in Gujarat
19. Gujarat Basic Data
20. Appendix of Tables

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