Krug, Jeffrey A.

Multinational Enterprise Theory Vol. - I: The Multinational Enterprise Ed by Jeffrey A. Krug and John D. Daniels - Los Angeles Sage Publications 2008 - 336p - Sage Library in Business and Management .

Volume One The Multinational Enterprise PART ONE: DEFINING THE MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE (MNE) The Nature and Scope of Multinational Enterprise The Multinational Enterprise as an Economic Organization PART TWO: MULTINATIONAL VERSUS DOMESTIC FIRMS A: International Diversification Investor Recognition of Corporate International Diversification Investment Performance of U S-Based Multinational Companies Comments and a Perspective on International Diversification of Real Assets B: Multinationality and Firm Performance Effects of International Diversity and Product Diversity on the Performance of Multinational Firms Multinationality and Firm Performance The Evidence from Canadian Firms on Multinational Diversification and Performance The Relationship between Multinationality and the Performance of Taiwan Firms International Diversification and Firm Performance in Mexican Firms A Curvilinear Relationship? C: Capital Structure Multinational Corporations versus Domestic Corporations International Environmental Factors and Determinants of Capital Structure The Determinants of Capital Structure for Australian Multinational and Domestic Corporations PART THREE: REACTIVE MOTIVATIONS FOR FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) A: Horizontal and Vertical Integration Managing Manufacturing Rationalization within Multinational Companies Multinational Enterprises and Wage Costs Vertical FDI Revisited An Empirical Assessment of the Proximity - Concentration Trade-off between Multinational Sales and Trade B: Resource- and Knowledge - Seeking Motives The Persistance of Distance? The Impact of Technology on MNE Motivations for Foreign Investment Investing for Strategic Resources and Its Rationale The Case of Outward FDI from Chinese Companies C: Oligopolistic Reaction Oligopolistic Reactions in European and Canadian Direct Investment in the United States D: Agglomeration and Regional Clustering Host Country Characteristics and Agglomeration in Foreign Direct Investment Growth and Agglomeration Agglomeration Economies, Firm Heterogeneity and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States

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