Books Related to "Gujarat" RSS feed for public list Books Related to "Gujarat" 50 Years of Cancer Care: The Gujarat Cancer Society A Road Guide to Gujarat by Poovendran P. Award Winning Swarnim Swantah Sukhaya by General Administration Department, Government of Gujarat Being Muslim and Working for Peace: Ambivalence and Ambiguity in Gujarat by Susewind, Raphael Bonded Labour in Gujarat by Joshi, Vidyut Convenient Action: Gujarat's Response to Challenges of Climate Change by Modi, Narendra Development and Deprivation in Gujarat: In Honour of Jan Breman by Shah, Ghanshyam Directory of Libraries and Information Centres in Gujarat by Shah, Pravin C. Dynamics of Development in Gujarat by Hirway, Indira Dynamics of Development in Gujarat by Hirway, Indira Economics and Management of Nontimber Forest Products: A Case Study of Gujarat, India by Tewari, D. D. Encyclopedia of Gujarat Laws: Gujarat Local Acts Vol. 1 by Amin, Ghanshyam H. Entrepreneurship and Industrial Development: A Study of Gujarat by Chawla, S. K. Forest and other Produce in Gujarat State by Singh, H. S. Glimpses of Gujarat: A Precious Jewel of India Growth or Development: Which Way is Gujarat Going Gujarat Gujarat Agrovision 2010: A Working Document by Government of Gujarat Gujarat and eGovernance by Rao, K. R. Gururaja Gujarat and The Gujaratis by Eastwick, E. B. Gujarat Beyond Gandhi: Identity Conflict and Society by Mehta, Nalin Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Gujarat Vepari Mahamandal): Members List (1996-97) by GCCI Gujarat Daman Diu: A Travel Guide by Ward, Philip Gujarat Enriching an Enduring Maritime Legacy by Gujarat Maritime Board Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up by Ayyub, Rana Gujarat Human Development Report 2004 by Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute Gujarat Local Acts: An Encyclopaedia of Gujarat State Laws Vol.21 by Jindal, M. L. Gujarat No Jay: Khand 1-2 by Meghani, Jhaverchand Gujarat No Nath by Munshi, K. M. Gujarat No Nath by Munshi, Kanhaiyalal Gujarat Police: Coffee Booklate Gujarat Samachar 1991: Shreshtha Vartao by Shah, Shreyans Gujarat SEZ Manual by Buch, Vidyut V. Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act by Trivedi, Vaikunthlal Gujarat: Ghardivda Ane Tejnakshatro by Pandya, Vishnu Gujarat: Performance, Facts and Figures by Bhandari, Laveesh Gujarat: Perspectives of the Future by Swaminathan, R. Gujarat: The Making of a Tragedy by Varadarajan, Siddharth Gujaratni Geertigatha by Munshi, K. M. Handbook on Water Harvesting and Groundwater Recharge Icons of Gujarat Industry: Stories of Rare Gift and Enterprise by Kanwar, Kamlendra Jnana Yatra: Trajectory of Education in Gujarat (1960-2010) by Government of Gujarat Karan Ghelo: Last Rajput King of Gujarat by Mehta, Nandshankar Land Laws in Gujarat by Amin, Ghanshyam H. Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and The State: A Biography of Gujarat by Sud, Nikita Mapping Development: Based on the Experience of Gujarat - India by Shelat, Kirit Museums in Gujarat: A Special Issue by Balamani M. Narasinha Mehta of Gujarat: A Legacy of Bhakti in Songs and Stories by Shukla-Bhatt, Neelima Political Development in Gujarat by Sheth, Pravin Rajkaran Gujarat by Bakshi, Chandrakant Silver Lining: Insights into Gujarat by Ravi, Jayanti Srinivasan Stone Buildings of Gujarat by Patel, Nimish The 100 Power: Eminent Personalities of Gujarat The Black Book of Gujarat by Sondhi, M. L. The Glory of Gujarat by Vyas, Rajnee The Gujarat Carnage by Engineer, Asghar Ali The Gujarat Co-operative Societies Act, 1961 by Bhansali, S. R. The Gujarat Rents, Hotel and Lodging House Rates Control Act, 1947 The Heritage Sites of Gujarat: A Gazetteer by Shinde, Vasant The Idea of Gujarat by Simpson, E. The Master of Gujarat: A Historical Novel by Munshi, K. M. The Shaping of Modern Gujarat: Plurality, Hindutva and Beyond by Yagnik, Achyut The Story and Glory of Gujarat by Shah, Preeti Trailblazers of Gujarat by Kanwar, Kamlendra Vividh Gujarat by Bakshi, Chandrakant Welcome to India's Industrial Paradise Gujarat Wildlife of Gujarat: Wildlife and Protected Habitats of Gujarat State by Singh, H. S. અંતર માર્ગદર્શિકા ભારત - ગુજરાત Distance Guide India - Gujarat [Gujarati and English] ગુજરાતની અસ્મિતાના સ્વપ્નદ્રષ્ટા ઇન્દુલાલ યાજ્ઞિક Gujaratni Asmitana Swapnadrashta: Indulal Yagnik ગુજરાતનો જય ભાગ ૧-૨ Gujarat No Jay: Part 1-2 (Gujarati) by મેઘાણી, ઝવેરચંદ