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020 _a9781848725829
082 _a302.35
245 _aBig Data at Work: The Data Science Revolution and Organizational Psychology
_cEd by Scott Tonidandel, Eden B. King and Jose M. Cortina
260 _bRoutledge
_aNew York
300 _a367p
440 _aThe Organizational Frontiers Series
500 _a1. Building Understanding of the Data Science Revolution and I-O Psychology Part I: Big Issues for Big Data Methods 2. A Big Data Platform for Workforce Analytics 3. Statistical Methods for Big Data: A Scenic Tour 4. Twitter Analysis: Methods for Data Management and a Word Count Dictionary to Measure City-level Job Satisfaction 5. Data Visualization 6. Sensing Big Data: Multimodal Information Interfaces for Exploration of Large Data Sets Part II: Big Ideas for Big Data in Organization 7. Implications of the Big Data Movement for the Advancement of I-O Science and Practice 8. Big Data in Talent Selection and Assessment 9. Big Data in Turnover and Retention 10. Using Big Data to Advance the Science of Team Effectiveness 11. Using Big Data to Create Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations 12. How Big Data Matter
600 _aOrganizational Behavior
600 _aBig Data
600 _aOrganizational Sociology
700 _aTonidandel, Scott
700 _aKing, Eden
700 _aCortina, Jose M.
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