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020 _a9781412934374
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082 _a658.022
245 _aSmall Business and Entrepreneurship Vol. 4
_cEd by Robert A. Blackburn and Candida G. Brush
260 _bSage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
_aNew Delhi
300 _a434p
440 _aSAGE Library in Business and Management
500 _aE: Entrepreneurial Processes And Activities (Continued) 17: Finance and Financial Management 65. The Economics of Small Business Finance :The Roles of Private Equity and Debt Markets in the Financial Growth Cycle 66. Competition, Small Business Financing and Discrimination: Evidence From a New Survey 67. Patterns of Venture Capital Funding: Is Gender a Factor? 68. Innovation and Regional Growth in Small High Technology Firms: Evidence from Britain and the USA 69. Access to Finance by Ethnic Minority Businesses in the UK 18: Human Resource Management and Employment Relations 70. Managing Human Resources in Small Organizations : What Do We Know? 71. Human Resource Management in Smaller Firms : A Contradiction in Terms? 72. A New Look at Job Satisfaction in the Small Firm 73. Regulation of Work in Small Firms 74. What's So Special about Small Firms? Developing and Integrated Approach to Analysing Small Firm Industrial Relations 75. Praising Caesar Not Burying Him: What We Know About Employment Relations in Small Firm 19: Marketing and Marketing Strategies 76. The Evolution of Marketing in Small Firms - D J Carson 77. An Investigation of Marketing Practice by Firm Size 78. Coping with the Market 79. Collaboration and Performance in Foreign Markets: The Case of Young High-Technology Manufacturing Firms 20: Networking and External Relations 80. The Contribution of Business Associations to SMEs: Strategy, Bundling or Reassurance? 81. The Institutional Embeddedness of Local Inter-Firm Networks : A Leverage for Business Creation 82. The Role, Use and Activation of Strong and Weak Network Ties 83. Social Structure and Competition in Inter-Firm Networks : The Paradox of Embeddedness
600 _aSmall Business - Entrepreneurship
700 _aBlackburn, Robert A.
700 _aBrush, Candida G
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